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Why Diamond Core Drill Bits Fit the Bill When It Comes to Concrete Core Drilling

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If you are planning to venture into the concrete core drilling business, you should be aware that your choice of work equipment will significantly impact the quality of service you will provide to your clients. Though what works for one business might not necessarily work for another, industry leaders often dictate the path that newcomers should take if they want to succeed in their line of business. 

Many seasoned concrete contractors operating in Australia use diamond core drill bits for their concrete drilling operations. Let's get to understand why.

  • Remarkable robustness: Concrete surfaces are known to be hard and tough, but they cannot bear up against the incredible strength of diamond drill bits. As a matter of fact, diamond is known to be the hardest rock on Earth. For that reason, it can cut through almost any material, including hardened concrete. When used for concrete drilling, diamond drill bits will get the job done quickly without breaking down unexpectedly, resulting in increased downtime. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable work equipment, you had better employ the use of diamond drill bits. 
  • Superior drilling depths: Because diamond drill bits can drill into concrete material without getting damaged, they can achieve greater drilling depths. All you have to do is to select a diamond drill bit whose drilling depth specification matches the depth requirements of the holes you want to cut. To show just how powerful diamond drill bits are, it is important to point out that the drill bits are usually used in the mining industry to cut through thick layers of rock, both hard and soft. 
  • Precise cuts: Concrete drilling with diamond core drill bits typically involves cutting cylinder-shaped holes in concrete. The precision of the equipment allows operators to produce clean and highly accurate cuts by minimising the risk of material distortion. This, in turn, reduces the need for patchwork or repair after the drilling process is completed. Instead, operators you can immediately continue with the next operation required. This saves project completion time and costs.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry drilling: Another reason why diamond core drill bits are a popular choice of concrete drilling equipment is because they can be used for both wet and dry drilling applications, depending upon the requirements of a particular job. 

Keep in mind that concrete drilling with diamond core drill bits is a job best performed by individuals who are trained in the proper operation of the equipment.