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5 Tips to Try If Your Cool Room Is Too Warm

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If you run an industrial facility, a laboratory or any other business with a cool room, you rely on that space to keep your materials at the right temperature. If it is not adequately cool, your samples or products may be ruined. If your room is not cool enough, here's what you should do.

1. Think About Your Door Management

In a busy facility, people are likely going in and out of the cool room on a regular basis. Every time that door opens, it lets in warm air that heats up the inside of the cool room. Take a day or a week to observe how often the door is being opened.

Then, implement strategies to combat how your door is used. For instance, if employees tend to leave the door open, you may want an automatic door. If there is a lot of traffic, you may want to switch from a door to curtains. If the door is open for a long time to allow a forklift to drive in and out, you may want an automatic forklift door.

2. Check the Seals

In some cases, the issue is not with how you use the door but with its seals. In most cases, there are plastic seals around the door that should form a tight seal with the opening of the unit. Look the seals over for damage.

You may also want to stand in the cool room with all the lights off. If you see light seeping around the edges of the door, that indicates a problem.

3. Look at Air Flow Around the Cool Room

The issue may be coming from outside the cool room. Is air able to circulate easily around the outside of the room? Do you have equipment or other items heaped up along the sides of the cool room? If so, that could be interrupting the functioning of the cool room.

4. Get Rid of Heat Around the Cool Room

Heat-generating equipment can also drive up the temps in the cool room. If you have machinery or even lots of warm light bulbs around the cool room, that could be increasing internal temperatures. Try moving that equipment to see what happens.

5. Contact a Professional

If you've worked through these troubleshooting tips, the issue may be in the coils or other internal components. Contact a professional cool room builder to look at your cool room. They can identify the issue and help you repair it.