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Important Things to Note Before Buying A Formatube

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It is always amazing to walk around town and see these magnificent buildings with perfect cylindrical pillars. One question that most people have is how construction workers manage to get such flawless margins. Well, the answer can be derived from the use of formatubes which are perfectly crafted to ensure that the cylindrical figures get that perfect shape. A formatube can be described as a cardboard tube which has been designed specifically for construction workers to pour concrete columns either above or below the ground. The formatubes can also be used to prevent the collapsing of soil while digging. After concrete is poured into the formatubes during construction, it is allowed to set. Once it has cured, the cardboard which creates the formatubes is stripped away to now show the excellently complete and symmetric column. The formatubes also come along with a coating of wax inside the tube; this prevents the concrete from getting in contact with the cardboard and eventually destroying the perfect finish of the created columns. The tubes can also be used in the construction of concrete piles on the ground surface. When looking to purchase and use a formatube, there are several things one should consider such as the width and shape of the column as well as the polyethene used in covering the carbon.

1.      The Width and Shape of the Columns – The amount of concrete used in the construction of a formatube is crucial in its ability to remain stable. This, therefore, means that the concrete used should be regulated according to the carrying capacity of the formatube. Having a full understanding of the size of the pillar intended to be erected is therefore quite important for deciding the width of formatube to be purchased. Also, the shape of the formatube matters as they come about in various assortments. For instance, the shapes can be cylindrical, cubical or even oval. Having this understanding, therefore, ensures that one purchases a formatube which has the capability of handling its intended tasks.

2.      The Polyethene Used to Cover the Carbon – It goes without saying that the carbon is the most important part of a formatube. However, the polythene used in the exterior is also quite integral as this has an impact on the ability of the carbon to remain stable. Therefore, before working with a formatube, it is essential to make sure that the cover is not vulnerable to leaking.  This will eventually ensure that the construction is seamless and the inner layer can therefore not get loose.