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Key Features to Consider When Installing a Dumbwaiter in a Furnished Apartment

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Imagine you have just been awarded a contract to come up with one of the cosy apartments in the suburbs of Sidney. One of your considerations definitely is installing a dumbwaiter that will help in moving food from one floor to another easily. To ease movement of foods and dishes between floors, there are certain factors that you must consider when installing a dumbwaiter. This article discusses critical factors to consider.

Understand the Architectural Design of the Building

Before installing a dumbwaiter in a building, it is necessary that you get the architectural design of the building and seek to understand it. Some of the critical factors to look at includes the number of floors that the building has. For instance, if your apartment is only a one storey building, then having a dumbwaiter may not be necessary. However, in case the building is two-storey or multi-storey then you will have to consider installing the dumbwaiter. Also, check on the space dimension available in the building where the installation is supposed to be done. Ensure that you customise your dumbwaiter according to the available space and the design of the building.

Cost of Dumbwaiter

As a contractor, you are in business and definitely you would not want to compromise on quality and profits. Consider the cost of buying the dumbwaiter and ensure that it is affordable to meet your needs. While maintaining the affordability of the dumbwaiter do not compromise on the quality standards.

Weight Restrictions

The weight of food or any other luggage that will be carried in the dumbwaiter is a critical feature. When checking on the weight limit consider all the possible uses that the dumbwaiter may help in. Additionally, ensure that the total weight of the goods that will be carried does not exceed the capacity of the dumbwaiter. For every dumbwaiter that you select, consider having some allowance that will cater for extra goods in case of excesses. For instance, when carrying goods of maximum 100 kilograms, consider getting a dumbwaiter of 110 kilograms. Such an allowance is also good for your safety and that of the dumbwaiter.

Ensure Presence of Safety Features

Given that you do not want to operate a dumbwaiter with so many problems, consider getting one with standard and required safety mechanisms. One of the safety features is the presence of interlocks that will ensure that the dumbwaiter is safe while in use. Also, consider having security alarms installed so that one can easily alert the management in case of any mechanical issue or serious problem.