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Box Clever: The Advantages Of Choosing Stainless Steel For Your Custom Toolbox

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A good tool needs a good box to store and protect it, and whether you own ten tools or a thousand, ordering a custom toolbox from a sheet metal fabricator can be a very effective way to keep the tools of your trade safe, secure and in proper working condition. When properly constructed, a sheet metal toolbox can provide enormous storage capacity in a relatively small package.

However, ordering a toolbox custom designed to fit your needs means making several difficult choices, and one of the most challenging choices to make is what metal your toolbox will be constructed from. Many off-the-shelf toolboxes and chests are made from sheet aluminium or painted sheet steel, but to get the most out of your toolbox, you may wish to consider stainless steel. Here are just some of the advantages of having your next custom toolbox constructed from stainless sheet steel:


Stainless steel differs from conventional steel in that it is practically immune to rust and corrosion, even without protection from rustproof paints and powder coatings. This makes stainless steel an excellent long-term investment and ensures that your toolbox will not break down before its time as a result of moisture. This rust resistance is particularly useful for toolboxes stored in unheated, poorly ventilated garages and sheds and even allows them to be left outdoors (although any tools within made of ferrous metals will still be vulnerable to rain). 

Strength and durability

Although aluminium toolboxes are just as rustproof as stainless steel varieties, aluminium possesses far less strength and durability than stainless steel, and an aluminium toolbox in a busy environment can quickly become dented. Severe dents don't just look unsightly; they can prevent drawers from operating smoothly, potentially leaving expensive tools trapped within your toolbox. 

A stainless steel toolbox is far less vulnerable to dents and other damages, making them far more suitable for rough-and-tumble working environments. They are particularly prized by vehicle mechanics who routinely use heavy tools capable of denting and damaging fragile toolboxes easily. The extra strength of stainless steel also provides an added layer of protection against tool thieves and other ne'er-do-wells.

Reduced metal thickness

Because stainless steel is so much stronger than aluminium, stainless steel toolboxes can be crafted using much thinner sheet metal than their aluminium counterparts without losing strength. This makes stainless steel toolboxes surprisingly light and maximises the internal space they provide for tools and components.

Resale value

The rust resistance and immense durability of stainless steel toolboxes means they can often survive years or decades of use without looking any worse for wear. This allows stainless steel toolboxes to hold their value for resale purposes, especially considering the high and growing scrap value of stainless steel.