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Choose a polyethylene water tank for all your rainwater storage needs

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Rainwater tanks have traditionally been made of galvanised steel, concrete, or stainless steel. It is also possible to find water tanks made from plastic, fibreglass, or even a combination of any materials. The choice of material for your tank may depend on where you want your tank to be situated and the way you will use the tank. Some water tanks are ideal for use above ground, while others are more suitable for use as underground reservoirs. Some water tanks are perfect for holding drinking water while others are better kept for grey-water use. If you need a particularly large water tank which can hold above 50,000 litres then you should consider one in concrete or steel that couples several smaller water tanks together.

Benefits of Poly water tanks

The most popular type of water tank available in Australia today are polyethylene water tanks. These are constructed from a safe, lightweight, food grade polyethylene that is durable and UV protected. There are many reasons to choose Poly water tanks, some of the most obvious advantages are:

  • Poly water tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit most locations and are suitable for both underground and above ground use.

  • Poly water tanks are easy to transport and install due to their lightweight nature, and they are do not suffer from rust and corrosion as a metal tank might.

  • Poly water tanks will not introduce lime, lead, or harmful chemicals into your water supply, and are easier to clean than tanks made from many other materials.

  • A polyethylene tank will not require a separate lining. Adding a polyethylene lining to your tank not only makes cleaning the tank more complex, it can also prove to be an expensive mistake if the lining breaks and requires replacement

  • A benefit of poly water tanks which is not widely appreciated is that the polyethylene reduces the amount of light that enters the tank which prevents the growth of algae in the tank and avoids all the contamination issues associated with that.

These are just a few of the reasons that choosing polyethylene water tanks is your best option for rainwater storage. If you have any concerns or are not sure what you need then your supplier will be able to help. Talk to your supplier today and find out which water tank is the most appropriate solution for your situation.