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Concrete Floor Grinding: How to Select the Right Equipment

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The outcome of concrete grinding work depends significantly on the choice of the equipment. In general, if the wrong machine for floor grinding is purchased, your building will not achieve the desired finish. The poorly honed and polished floor might be unsuitable for your applications. In addition, you should note that the incorrect grinder will be inefficient and might cause damage during use. Here are some practical tips to help you identify the best floor grinder for purchase or rental.

Consider the Overall and Working Dimensions

You should evaluate the dimensions of different floor grinders when looking for the correct equipment for your space. Ideally, you should check both the overall and working dimensions.

The overall dimensions refer to the total size of the machine. You should make sure that your machinery will go through doors and move around with minimal effort. It is also important to remember that bulkier grinders are harder to transport.

The working dimensions refer to the area which will be affected by the grinding action at any one point. A larger grinder will have more working area. Therefore, you will be able to polish and hone a wide area within a limited time frame.

Compare the Different Grinder Designs

You should evaluate the general design of grinding machines and compare that  with the needs in your worksites. The most common equipment styles are walk-behind and ride-on grinders. Your choice will determine the ease of use and speed of grinding and polishing.

The walk-behind machine is favourable because the size is smaller. Therefore, it can be moved easily and used indoors. However, manual effort is required for operation; this aspect can be inconvenient. The ride-on grinder is big but obviously allows for the convenience of riding. As a result, you will not feel tired during the work, and the physical strain will be reduced greatly. This design is perfect for large-scale and outdoor use.

Choose the Best Level of Motor Power

You should check the power levels for different grinding machines when choosing the correct equipment. You can identify the power delivered by checking the motor size and capabilities. This is a reliable measure, whether you decide on an electrical or fuel floor grinder. The amount of power that will be required for your machine will depend on the specifics of your concrete grinding work. For instance, you will require more power if you are interested in a heavy machine or one intended for high friction applications. You should explain your goals to your equipment supplier for suitable recommendations.