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Qualities of Reliable Soil Thermal Resistivity Equipment

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Not many people understand that there is a connection between electrical cable installation and some knowledge in soil physics. Soil thermal resistivity is measured before installing electrical cable networks because resistance to the heat flow between the cables and the surrounding environment spikes the temperature of the wire, interfering with its effectiveness and shortening its lifespan. It is, therefore, crucial to make sure that soil thermal resistivity is measured accurately and to make this possible, you need very high-quality equipment. Here, are some of the qualities that set apart superior quality testing equipment from the rest. 

Drift monitoring capability

Thermal drift is an important consideration to have in mind when measuring soil conductivity or resistivity. Drift is the fluctuation in readings caused by changes in the environmental temperatures. Well built monitors have a testing system which involves running a sample through a heating and cooling cycle to figure out how much compensation will be made for possible drift. Look for testers that can monitor drift if you want accurate readings.

Ability to sync with other electronics

The new generation testing equipment is coming loaded with the ability to sync to other electrical equipment to ease the process of data recording, storage, and analyses. There are testers which have USB cables for secure connection to computer systems while others can connect wirelessly to smartphone applications to effectively carry out their desired purpose. Get state of the art testers to make your work easy.

Ability to save several readings

It is highly likely that you will be taking many readings at a go. You do not want a situation where you will have to write down all these readings using pen and paper, and the only way to do that is to invest in a testing system with the capacity to take more than one reading at a go. The gadget should also be calibrated to record both conductivity and resistivity readings accurately. 

Ability to work with wetness

Moisture is what brings out the thermally conductive nature of the soil. Some specific testers will be most effective when you add paste to the soil while others will be fine working with just the moisture. Get a system that works well either way for accurate readings and an easy testing process.

Getting accurate readings in soil thermal resistivity helps determine the ideal cable systems to install in your home or other commercial establishments.