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The Light Fantastic: The Benefits Of Choosing Laser Engraved Signage For Your Business

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Brand recognition is a hugely important factor for the success of any business, and one of the easiest ways to raise your company's profile is by raising clear, attractive signs around your business premises. However, there are practically a limitless array of sign designs and construction methods to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide just how you want your signs to be made.

Laser engraved signs are hugely popular, used by businesses the world over to raise their visual profile, and the advantages of choosing laser engraved signs make them an attractive option for virtually any type of business. Here are just a few of the advantages laser engraved signs have over other types of signage:

Wide choice of materials

Signage engraving is a versatile process that can be applied to a vast number of sign materials, and custom, laser engraved signs can be made from practically any material you can think of. From the classy, durable stainless steel engraved signs seen outside many financial institutions, to cheap, hard-wearing vinyl and even traditional timber, you're sure to find a sign material that suits your business and can be engraved to maximise your commercial profile.

Incredible precision

Unlike traditional tumbler and stylus engraving methods, which depend on a great deal of the skill of the engraver using them, laser engraved signs are not made by hand and are not subject to human error. Instead, laser engraving machines are controlled by powerful computers running dedicated software -- digitally-rendered sign designs can be fed into these machines and replicated to a tremendously high degree of precision, ensuring that your signage is crisp, clean and exactly what you designed and paid for.

Rapid turnover

The computerised nature of laser engraving also makes it a relatively speedy process, especially when compared to traditional hand-engraving. This means laser engraved signs can be turned out in a matter of days or even hours, ensuring that you always have the correct signage to hand as and when you need it.

Disability friendly

Laser engraved signage is a particularly useful type of sign for the blind and visually impaired, as the three-dimensional engraving provides excellent tactile sensation and allows visually disabled customers and employees to 'read' signs with relative ease. Laser engraving also makes the addition of Braille, tactile pictographs and other blind-friendly features a simple prospect.

Ideal for outdoor use

Since the letters, logos and pictures engraved onto your sign are cut directly into the material used, they will not fade or diminish over time, in contrast to lettering and designs applied with paints and plastic decals. This is a particularly useful quality for many Australian businesses, where the intense summer sunshine can cause painted and printed signs to fade surprisingly quickly.