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Innovative and Space Saving Car Lifts in Many Different Modern Designs Offer That Little Bit of Luxury

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Car lifts are installed for use in a range of different situations; show rooms, garages, condos and private homes are just a few examples of where they can be found. These elevators provide a stylish solution to inner city parking, or in areas where it otherwise would be inaccessible to park a car, such as in basements or even on rooftops. Their compact design and ease of use allows for private, secure access parking, but it also saves enormous amounts of space in densely populated or built up areas - which also saves money, too.

There are three different types of car lifts available, depending on the travel distance required. Direct acting hydraulic types are designed for distances of no more than 7.6m (25ft). If a longer travel distance is needed, roped hydraulic car lifts are capable of travelling between 7.6m up to 21.3m (70ft), while traction types that use a counter weight drive system are specifically designed for even longer distances. Car lifts also vary in their weight capacity as well as in the size of the platform or cab, which determines the size of car that they can support.

Car lifts that are installed in buildings vary in the number of levels they span; some only cover two stops, while others can move up and down any number of levels. Each stop is installed with its own individual door, call station, levelling system and controller configuration. The hydraulic type lifts can travel a distance of up to 12.2m (40ft), while for longer distances a different drive system is recommended.

The cab can be made from different materials, such as glass or different types of steel, depending on the look and style that is sought. There are two different styles of cabs to choose from; a car can be driven on and off the platform from the same side, or it can be driven on from one side and then off from the opposite side. The latter style is usually the preferred option because it allows the car to keep moving forward, though it costs more due to the additional door required. Elevator doors come in four types: vertical bi-parting with either a single section, two sections, or three sections; and a horizontal, swing sliding door.

Due to the large savings in space and the range and flexibility of their designs, car lifts are an ideal investment, especially for modern, inner city developments. Not only innovative and stylish, car lifts offer users that little bit of luxury, and with a range of different models available, they can be customized to suit any individual situation. Each car lift is built to last, and is professionally installed to provide a safe, comfortable and unique parking experience.