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No Tools Required: Easy Pallet Projects

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There are all kinds of ideas online about how to make furniture and other fun products out of pallets, but if you aren't handy with tools, a lot of those projects may be outside your wheelhouse. Luckily, there are also lots of projects you can do without using tools. Want to get on the pallet crafting bandwagon? Then, check out these easy projects: 

1. Low Slung Table

Like the idea of dining near the floor? It can be perfect for kids, ideal for people who love to eat and watch TV or a swanky alternative to a traditional full-size table. Luckily, you can easily make a low slung table out of an industrial pallet.

Just paint the pallet in a colour that you like. Then, add some fun pillows around the table for people to sit on. That's it. If you want a bit more height, stack two pallets on top of each other.

2. Bed Frame

You can also make a sophisticated looking bed frame with a few pallets. Simply place down enough pallets so that your mattress can fit comfortably on the pallets. Don't use any box springs. The pallets basically work as your box springs.

Then, create a clean, minimalist look by painting the pallets white. Sand them down first so you can remove splinters before painting.

3. Wall Sign

If you're up for a bit of painting, consider turning an old pallet into a wall sign. You can paint messages on the sign, shapes, or pictures. To make it easier, you may want to get stencils to help paint your design.

You can also go for a collage look with your pallet wall sign. To do that, simply find photos from magazines that you like, and decoupage them onto the pallet.

4. Faux Paneling

You don't necessarily have to paint a pallet before putting it on your wall. You can just hang the pallet as is and turn it into faux paneling. This looks the best near the base of the wall. For example, you may want to buy several pallets from an industrial facility and then line all the walls in your room with them. Stain the pallets to bring out the natural colour of the wood.

5. Shoe Organizer

To turn an old pallet into something useful, place it in your walk-in closet and use it to organise your high heels. Just pop the heel of the shoe in the pallet, and they are held in place. It's easy-to-do organizing.

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