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Need to Get Your PVC Door or Window Strip Curtains Clean? Here's What You Need to Know!

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PVC is a great material for doors and strip curtains because it's inexpensive, reasonably sturdy, and customisable in terms of colours. Many houses, flats, and commercial buildings opt have PVC doors and strip curtains today for these reasons. If you're living in a home with PVC doors or PVC strip curtains, your first question might be how to keep them looking new. Whilst PVC cleaning and maintenance is quite simple, there are a few things you'll need to know. Read on to find out! 

Basic Cleaning -- It's Usually More Than Enough!

One of the big advantages of PVC doors and strip curtains is that they respond quite well to basic cleaning. Use a soft and non-abrasive cloth, dipped in soapy water, to gently loosen the dirt and wipe away the grime around once a month. Around the hinges of the PVC door, you might need to do a bit of extra scrubbing using a soft bristle brush, but soap and water is usually more than enough to get the work done. 

For the More Serious Stains or Discolouration

Whilst PVC doors and window strip curtains are usually quite resistant to serious stains or discolouration, it's possible that the PVC could require some deeper cleaning in some cases. This can be particularly common in window strip curtains. 

If the PVC stains or discolouration are already obvious, consider a specially formulated cleanser, one that is made to address PVC problems. These cleansers are often cream based, which may require you to apply them and then allow them to sit for a specified period of time before wiping them away. Be sure to check with the contractor who installed your PVC doors or strip curtains to make sure that you're using a non-damaging cleanser before you apply anything to your PVC.

Preventing PVC Dirt Accumulation and Damage

The part of the PVC that's exposed to sunlight is more likely to become discoloured, but you can often avoid this in the case of PVC window strip curtains. Because the side of the window strips that constantly faces the sunlight can become discoloured or darkened over the years, alternating the side of the window strips exposed to the sun, essentially leaving them backwards, from time to time can resolve the problem.

Even when you can't change sun exposure, you can keep the PVC clean by doing regular basic cleaning. This takes just a few minutes, and it can prevent the grime accumulation that could cause permanent discolouration. 

Ready to get your PVC clean and new looking? Use the simple tips above to present your PVC's best face to the world.