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Perforated Metal: The Perfect Solution for Staircase Treads

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Metal perforation involves punching or stamping metal sheets with specialised equipment to create differently shaped and sized holes. The resulting perforated metal is among the most commonly used materials in a wide range of industries including architecture, automotive, construction, material development, chemical and energy and food and beverage industries. When it comes to architecture and construction, perforated metal is used in both decorative and structural industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Among the many areas you can consider using perforated metal are staircase treads. Using perforated metal on your staircase treads comes with multiple advantages, and here are some of the many benefits you stand to gain.

Improved Safety

Safety is one of the top benefits that come with using perforated metal on staircases. First, the perforation textures the stairs, improving their slip resistance. Slip-resistant surfaces help prevent injuries or accidents that could result from slips, trips and falls. If it's at your commercial or industrial facility, this enhances the safety of your workers and reduces liability issues related to compensation claims resulting from such accidents.

Puddling, especially in any outdoor spaces, is another issue that can get in the way of the safety of your setting, whether it's at home or your commercial space. If you use this material for your outdoor spaces, you won't have to worry about puddling. It's designed to allow water to go through the staircase treads without pooling or puddling.

Strength and Durability

Metal is naturally strong and can withstand impact and heavy traffic. It is also corrosion-resistant, especially if you go for metals such as stainless steel, galvanised steel or aluminium alloy. They are excellent for outdoor environments where rain and other outdoor elements would otherwise cause the metal to corrode.

Besides corrosion resistance, the long service life of metal perforated staircases can also be attributed to the weather and wear resistance that comes with metals.

Ease of Maintenance

Perforated metal staircase treads promote proper drainage and airflow. Therefore, it's hard for water and dust to accumulate, which makes it extremely easy to clean. Occasional mopping is enough to leave your staircases looking clean and elegant.


It's easy to achieve a wide range of unique designs with your perforated metal staircase designs. The perforations can be customised to your taste or made in various shapes and sizes to create a unique design that can enhance the aesthetics of your commercial or residential space.