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Three Indispensable Tips for Purchasing Socket Screws

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If you are looking for new fasteners for industrial or commercial applications, consider choosing socket screws. In general, socket screws are favourable over standard screws because of their higher clamping power in general assemblies. The toughness and stability ensure that fewer fasteners are required for creating strong connections. Moreover, the use of fewer fittings reduces assembly weight and minimises damage to components. If you are unfamiliar with socket screws but would like to purchase some for your connection needs, use these guidelines for selection.

Choose the Material

The material used in the fabrication of socket crews will determine the sturdiness and overall performance. Therefore, discuss the options available with your supplier before purchase. Focus on touch components to match the fastening requirements of your products. Weak items might experience a lot of strain after installation. Moreover, think about the risk of corrosion after placement. This form of wear is detrimental, especially when connecting metallic items.

The most suitable materials to consider include steel, aluminium and copper alloys. Steel socket screws are, without a doubt, strong and resilient. Their intrinsic toughness makes them a good choice for high impact and stress applications. However, they are susceptible to corrosion. Opt for plated screws to minimise the risk of corrosion. For instance, zinc coats are effective for galvanisation, and the cost of these fasteners is not high like nickel-plated counterparts.

Aluminium is also a popular material, though its intrinsic strength is lower than steel. However, the durability of these components is indisputable. Moreover, the performance of aluminium screws is great because of their lower weight and good corrosion resistance. Copper alloy socket screws are ideal for outdoor use because they do not sustain damage in adverse conditions.

Evaluate the Sizes

When purchasing socket screws, understand the range of sizes available for different applications. The right diameter will depend on the size of drilled holes. When dealing with screw length, the most critical issue to address is the form of measurement used. For instance, the length of some screws indicated excludes the head while in others, the head height is included. Inquire about this issue before making your order.

Compare the Heads

Finally, check the types of heads on socket screws during the purchase process. The chosen design will influence the final results after screw placement. Your primary concern should be whether or not the screw head should be flush against the surface when fastened. If a flush screw is desirable, choose countersunk products. In other cases, choose the button head with a rounded top. 

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