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3 Facts About Formatubes You Might Not Know

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If you're about to use Formatubes to mould concrete columns for the first time, then you might know the basics about how these tubes work. However, if you take the time to learn more about this formwork solution, then you will see the best results. What do you need to know?

1. Plastic Liners Can Be Useful

Formatubes should be easy to remove. They have a special oil-based coating inside to make this happen. So, when your concrete has set, and you're ready to remove the tube, the oily interior makes it easy to pull or slide the tube cover off the column.

While this coating works most of the time, it won't always give you perfect results. If a tube loses some coating, then it might stick to the concrete making it harder to get off.

If you buy tubes with plastic linings, then removal gets even easier. The lining helps the cardboard simply slide off the column. You won't have any tricky adhesion problems. Plus, a tight inner plastic liner can improve the quality of the column's finish. It creates a smooth and high-quality surface that doesn't take on any of the tube's spiral lines.

2. You Can Create Different Surface Designs

While plastic liners help you create even and polished finishes on your columns, you can use different types of formwork tubes to create more decorative surface effects. On a basic level, you can buy tubes that peel off in a spiral. The columns will have faint spiral lines on them from the seams in the cardboard.

If you want to create more eye-catching effects, then you can use tubes with decorative liners. These liners sit inside the tubes. When the concrete is poured inside, the surface takes on the design on the liner. So, you can create patterns and shapes. You can even add wood and stone effects if you wish.

3. You Don't Need to Remove Formatubes

One of the main advantages of Formatubes is the fact that they are strong enough to mould concrete but are easy to remove at the end of the job. However, you can leave the tubes in place if you need to.

For example, if you're moulding supports under the ground, then you can leave the tubes where they are after you've poured the concrete. The tubes are made from cardboard so will break down in the ground without causing any environmental damage.

To get advice on choosing the right products for your build, contact Formatubes suppliers.