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Why You Should Opt for Hydraulic Over Electric Winches for Your Tow Truck

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Two primary types of winches you can use on your truck include hydraulic and electrical. But how do you make the right decision when choosing between these two? Well, hydraulic winches tend to be superior to electrical winches for various reasons. Read on to learn why opting for hydraulic tow truck winches is a wise decision.

The Power

When compared to electric-powered winches, hydraulic winches have excellent pulling power. Electrical winches can quickly become overwhelmed when subjected to extreme loads. However, hydraulic winches offer steady pulls no matter how heavy the load is. They continue offering uniform pull even under the most extreme load conditions. 

The Weight

It is usually assumed that the more powerful a piece of equipment is, the heavier it should be. However, this isn't always the case with hydraulic winches. In fact, they are much lighter than electrical winches. Because of this weight advantage, there is minimum strain exerted on your truck's front axle and springs. 


Most winches tend to overheat during operation. Electrical winches can overheat with constant usage over a more extended period and must be shut down to cool off before being used again. However, hydraulic winches do not suffer from overheating. You can repeatedly use them for as long as you wish without worrying about the overheating problem. Besides, hydraulic truck winches are safer than electric ones since they don't get too hot from overheating. 

The Battery

Electrical winches depend on battery power to function. They'll only work if the truck's battery has sufficient power. Unfortunately, they can significantly drain the life out of your truck's battery. On the contrary, hydraulic winches don't rely on battery power. That means you don't need to fret over being stranded without battery power after using a hydraulic winch.

The Safety

Finally, the safety of a tow truck winch is of paramount importance. Hydraulic winches can be considered much safer than electrical winches because of several reasons. First, they eliminate the risk of motor stalls, which are commonly associated with electrical winches. Motor stalls can cause a significant safety hazard because of the massive pressure they exert on the cable wire when pulling or lifting. Secondly, they do not overheat, which helps prevent burns from hot winch surfaces. 


While electrical tow truck winches have their unique advantages, these five reasons are enough proof why you should opt for hydraulic tow truck winches. Work with a reputable dealer to find the ideal hydraulic winch for your tow truck.